Complete Source Verification

Brandt Beef utilizes a source verification and total asset visibility system to source verify and guarantee the safety of its 100 percent natural beef products.  Datastar’s Global Track™ system is the only fully integrated source verification system in the industry and provides an audit trail of information by cataloging data at various points along the supply chain, including farm, ranch, processing plant, testing laboratory, transport vehicles, storage facilities, supermarkets and restaurants.

The system enables Brandt to provide the complete history of each product, from birth to consumption, in the bar code on its packaging.  This product history also contains data from nationally recognized food safety laboratory Silliker, Inc., which tests samples from every Brandt Beef combo bin before any products are shipped.  The source verification system can even minimize the social, economic and environmental costs associated with an outbreak for each organization across the supply chain.  If contamination does occur, the system can pinpoint where contaminants entered the supply chain and isolate the problem immediately.

Brandt Beef believes it is important to verify the safety of its products to not only protect its business, but to protect its customers and help them to feel reassured that Brandt Beef’s products are 100 percent safe.

The source verification program employs several innovative technologies which deliver real-time information to assess contamination situations.  These innovative technologies include:

  • RFID technology, barcodes and optical scanning (radio frequency identification devices that use radio waves to automatically and uniquely identify physical items in varying proximity to machine “readers” at each level)
  • Spatial technology (GPS/GIS technology for immediate location of products, and tracking wind patterns in the event of an air-borne pathogen)
  • Satellite imagery (immediate geographic isolation and real-time pictures of problem areas)
  • Barcodes on each bag allow individual cuts to be traced back to a specific animal