One Family, One Ranch, One Breed

We are a family-owned and operated ranch in Southern California, and have been since 1945.

And today, our family continues to raise, feed and focus on one single breed—the Holstein. We never outsource or contract farmers beyond our property lines, and it’s this unparalleled commitment and consistency in care, diet and location means we can provide you with the same quality products—meal after meal and year after year.

Sustainability that makes an Impact

At Brandt Beef, sustainability isn’t just an idea—it’s a driving force in the way we operate our ranch and care for our planet.

When it comes to our animals, we constantly monitor their welfare and feed quality, as well as promote the consumption of all cuts of meat to reduce waste. And when it comes to our land, we grow our own alfalfa, Bermuda, and Sudan grasses, rotate our crops, and use natural pest control methods. The compost produced from our operations is utilized by local businesses in our community. It’s these daily acts of responsibility that ensure both our animals and our environment will be as healthy as possible for our generation—and for generations to come.

The Animal Husbandry Standard

Animals treated with care result in the highest quality meat.

As part of our CARE certification from Where Food Comes From, we maintain strict animal husbandry standards.

The True Natural

Since defying industry standards in 2004, we have chosen to raise our cattle in a dramatically different way.

We continue to lead the industry today so we not only provide the best beef on the market, but we’re actively working to positively impact the future of ranching. That means feeding them a 100% vegetarian diet every day for 300 days and never any hormones or beta-agonists. We ensure all our products are free of antibiotics and as pure as possible because that’s what we want for our own family, and yours.